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After over one hundred years of worshiping and seeking God’s direction the congregation of the our church is disbanding and closing the doors to our building. Over the last one or two decades the number of active members has decreased to the point where we can no longer support ourselves.
The Inability of us to solve our differences contributed to this decrease of members. Present day opinions of what should be and what should not be cause conflict and loose of members. Sensitive views on a woman’s role in the ministry, gay ministers and same sex marriage are the main causes of conflict. This is true for not only our church but for organized religion and for our country.
I wonder what Jesus thinks of all this?

Elder Robert Finch


We pray that God will richly bless you in all you do and that God’s Holy Spirit will fill you with power and joy today!

Barrington’s First Presbyterian Church

401 Clements Bridge Road
Barrington, New Jersey     08007

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